Starz Cupcakes

Starz Cupcakes, builds their reputation on moist and delicious cupcakes with the very best of ingredients without preservatives.  Our menu features up to 19 different varieties of cupcakes daily but we currently have a total of 239 different kinds of cupcakes plus 24 savory cupcakes.  So, with this many options, come often and work your way through the selection. This is decadence at its BEST.  

Starz Cupcakes bakes the old fashion way.  When asked... "What's the difference between a muffin and a cupcake" the answer from a local student was... "Hey... dude, it's the Frosting!!"  We couldn't have said it better ourselves.  

Starz Cupcakes is sensitive to special dietary needs and lifestyle changes, we offer gluten-free, diabetic (sugar-less and sugar-free), heart healthy, Weight Watchers (2 and 3 points) and a cuppy that was featured on Dr. Oz with flax-seed, agave, ricotta cheese, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.   Watching your intake has never been more exciting; this is portion control at its best.

We need to take a moment and really emphasize our GLUTEN-FREE cupcakes.  We have been told time and time again by our customers that we are not emphasizing on our website enough how GREAT our GLUTEN-FREE cupcakes are.  So, we are listening to you our customers and taking an extra paragraph just to empasize this statement.  Yes, this is true... we do have customers that drive from Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Francisco and as far north as Chico and equally far from the south for our GLUTEN-FREE.  I kid you not.  They have told us, that they have come in for this sole purpose and they are turning right around and going back home and yes we are looking into shipping.

We are located in the Four Star Center along with Outdoor World, Verizon and right next door to Max Muscle.

Come on in and join us for breakfast, lunch, snack, tea time or dessert.



Hours of Operation:




Downtown -  Corner of Pacific & Cathcart - CLOSED PERMANENTLY


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